Vancouver International Arts Festival for Youth 2014

Section I: Fine Arts

@Drawing & Painting

@Classical and digital Animation

Section II: Traditional Chinese Music and Dance

Host: Vancouver International Arts Society for Youth

Date: August 8-10, 2014

Our Aim

To instill a passion for sharing and a love for the arts, we set up a stage in Vancouver that will allow young people to pursue their goals and fulfill their dreams. 


             One-week arts show by young artists aged 4-22 from individual and arts organizations to create ambitious new works as well as commission new work by young artists working locally and internationally;

             Discover young artists¨ talent and provide them an international stage to show their own world;

             Develop artistic discourse between local and international young artists and audiences through talks, events, exhibitions and visits;

             Extend the arts experience across the greater Vancouver and communities by showing work in non-traditional spaces as well as theatres and galleries.



About Talent Show hosts YOOCAN- the Talent Show each year. It aims at Talent, confidence, dream and fun of youth.


YOOCAN.CA is a stage for those who want the chance and opportunities to exhibit themselves, enhance their confidence and make their dream come true step by step.


The profile of outstanding participants will be introduced to the entertainment industry in china. YOOCAN will hold regular field trips to china. They will participate in the  local festivals, TV shows and other related activities.


The participants will provide their videos in a quality manner, either by their own, or by YOOCAN production Team. The videos will be posted on and judged by both public viewers and jury.


YOOCAN will outcome top 10 each month and make special edition on them. the live show will be held every season.


The show includes four sessions:

  • Register on line, or in person

  • Ballots by Public and Art jury

  • Top 10 Special

  • Live Show

Application Form

Authorization Of Using Images




Liu Bingjian

Gu Xiong


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| Design | Painting | Talk show | Others |


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