| 24 Episodes of Mountain Range and Broad Water | Metaphor of Time | Valentine's Day in the Palm of the Hand | The Wind and Smoke with Full Dew on Women's Day | A Young Man Raised His Hand to Speak | The Fragrance of Flowers on Children's Day | The Flowing Waves of Dragon Boat Festival | Words and Sentences of Mid-Autumn Festival | Double Ninth Festival Has a Transparent Surname | Lesser Cold's New Words | The Spring Wind Did Not Understand the Harsh and Gentle | The Desolation or Beauty | Winter Solstice Had Big Rain and Harsh Wind | Celebrated the Spring Festival | The Spring Fell From the Branches | The Chill in Spring | The Red Apricot Out of The Wall | The Running Flowers | The Cultivated Land | The Spring Snow | The Power of New Year | Listen to the Rain at Spring Night | The Peach Blossom’s Look in Spring | The Just Washed Flower | The Secret in the Arms of the Peach Blossom | Even the Bugs Wanted to Be a Poem of the Season| Just Quietly Step On the Wonder of the Spring | I am Getting Along with Spring So Well | The Spring Wind Could Not Get Up on His Knees | Chasing Spring | With the Spring Wind in the Arm I Set Out | Spring Went and Came |






| Against Time | Crossed the Hill | I Needed a Warm Fire | Entanglement | Return | Remember to Take Away the Hot Blood Left on My Pillow | The Tung Flower Spoke | The Tung Flower Sacrifices | Seeking at Night through the Lotus Pond | The Insects were Flying on the Lotus | The Fireflies Sail in the Lotus Pond | I Like | Pain | Put a Sweet Peach Color on Me | A Word of Disagreement Made the Flowers Open All over the Hillside | There was A Yearning Full of the Spring Scenery | The Peach Flower Sorcery | The Moon on Lunar Sixteen | When I Get Old | I was Talking with God | Declaration of the Lotus | All the Lotuses You Can See, I Leave a Message On | The Sound of Frogs Leaps onto Your Rosette | Only You and Time were Worth Remembering | You Gracefully Pointed To the Poetry and the Distance | I was Unable to Shield You | About You, Only You Knew in the World | Sure Enough in Winter | Companion | An Old Lonely Dance Turned into a Butterfly | Today of Last Year | The Banana Hit by the Rain Could Not Lift Its Head | The Sweet Breathing through the Night | The Heart Drifted From Keeping April | No Poem Can Be Compared with Your Looking Back | Falling Flowers | The Night was Broad | The Soft Wind and Dew | Shadow | Distance | The Moonlight outside the City | The Sunset was Still There | I Wanted to Know | I Told Everything to You Only | The Secret | What Peach Trees Harvested was Not Fruit | The One Who Loved Me were Always in Silence | One Inch of Human Nature | Many Things, Humiliated Me Not Knowing to Hesitate | The Troubled Time | May This Life, the Road Be as Clean as Snow | On the Long-Term Journey | Prescription | Wish Above the Cloud | We, were the Word that Never Parted for Life | The Seabull Took Away All the Memories | The Flower House | April | Over the Last Ten Years | You are in Charge Outside, I am at Home | On the Delicate Grains | But the Affection | At Midnight, Mom Called Me | A Letter to the Daughter | Story of the Stone | Happen to Have |







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| At Beginning of Spring, I Became the Accomplice of the First Spring Light | The Raindrops Wet My Face | Waking of Insects Still Had Ten Thousands of Ties | Spring Equinox was Your Forbearing Gaze | I Came To Commemorate On Tomb-Sweeping Day | A Careless Swallow of Grain Rain | The Flag Raised by Beginning of Summer | Lesser Fullness of Grain was Like a Dancing Ballet Girl | Grain in Ear was the Rainbow Out of a Drop of Rain | Summer Solstice Fought the Secret in My Hand | Lesser Heat Smiled Brightly | The Meaning of Greater Heat | At Beginning of Autumn, the Grain Became Rice | End of Heat was an Extension But Not an Ending | White Dew Dodged the Dazzling Light | At Autumn Equinox, the City was Full of Sweet Osmanthus | The Dim Night of Cold Dew | Frost’s Descend Came So Lightly | Beginning of Winter Embroidered You into a Begonia | Slight Snow, Like an Idle Stamp | When Major Snow Came the Cloud Homed and the Rain Rested | Winter Solstice Submits a Challenge Letter To the Cold | The Heart of Lesser Cold Overrunning the World | Great Cold was So Far-Reaching in the Sky ||