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Project Charter   If you would like a video production service, please read the following in detail and circle the items you want, sign it and then email it to This is an agreement of service-on-demand (SOD) between YOU and US.


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  • Deposit: ______________________                               Note: The job starts after the deposit is paid.

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Shooting: Usually 1-minute basic-cut video needs 3-minute footage and 1-minute fine-cut video needs 15-minute footage (1:3-15).

  • One-Point.

  • Duo-Point.

  • Triple-Point.

On-Site(Single-Point)-$20/Shooting Minute.                                                   Total Mins: ______

  • Souvenir Album(Time Impression, Remember, Theme Park, Virtual World).

  • Narration(Short Films, TV Shows, MTV).

  • Documentary(Events, Activities).

  • Commercials(Services, Products).

  • Education(Knowledge, Information, Facts).

In-house(One-Point)-$30/Shooting Minute.  First shooting minute is free.   Total Mins: ______

  • Souvenir Album(Time Impression, Remember, Theme Park, Virtual World).

  • Narration(Short Films, TV Shows, MTV).

  • Documentary(Events, Activities).

  • Commercials(Services, Products).

  • Education(Knowledge, Information, Facts).

Digital Converting: $10/Hour.                                                      Total Hours: ______

  • DV to MPEG-2.

  • TAPE to MPEG-2.

Editing: It takes estimated 11-70 working hours for each one hour footage to cover post-production.

  • Basic-Cut.

  • Fine-Cut.

Basic Editing-$100/Working Hour                                               Total Hours: ______

  • Remove Unwanted.

  • Transition.

  • Title and Credit.

  • Rendering.

Fine Editing-$200/Working Hour                                                Total Hours: ______

  • Basic Editing.

  • Correction (Exposure/Focus/Color/Contrast).

  • Music.

  • Effects.

  • Audio.

  • Closed Caption.

  • Track Combination.



Media Production-$40/File                                                           Total Files: ___________

  • Mpeg File.

  • H.264 File.

  • WMV File.

  • RM File.

  • FLV File.

  • SD DVD.

  • Blue-Ray HD DVD.

Website Development-$50/Page                                                Total Pages: ___________

  • Homepages.

  • Images.

  • Animation.

  • Flash Videos.

  • Texts.



Independent Website Setup-$50/Request                                 Total Requests: ___________

  • Domain Registration.

  • File Uploading.

  • Content Management.

Video-Text Page Sitting $50/Month.                                          Total Months: ___________

  • One Icon Link.

  • One Video and Text Page.

  • 10 1-minute Flash Videos.

  • Content Management.



  • Souvenir Album(Time Impression, First in Life, Remember Life, Nature and beauty, Theme Park, Virtual World)

  • Narration(Feature/Short Films, TV Show, MTV)

  • Documentary(Activities, Events)

  • Commercials(Products, Services)

  • Education(Knowledge, Information, Facts)


  • Video Disc: DVD(SD)/Blu-Ray(HD) (Including Disc, case and prints).

  • Video Files: MPEG, WMA, AVI, DIVX, XVID, RM, H.264, SWF, FLV.

  • Video Homepages: .


  • NTSC.

  • PAL.

  • MPEG-1/2/4.

  • Divx, Xvid.

  • FLASH.

  • AVI.


  • HD: 1920X1080p, 1440x1080-60i/50i.

  • HD: 1280X720p

  • SD(NTSC): 720X480i

  • SD(PAL): 720X576i

Aspect Ratio:

  • Academic: 2.21:1(1920X869, 1280X580, 884X400)

  • Widescreen: 16:9

  • Standard(Letterbox): 4:3


  • HQ(High Quality): 8Mbps,10Mbps, 16Mbps, 25Mbps.

  • SP(Standard): 4Mbps, 6Mbps.

  • LP(Long Play): 2Mbps

  • WMV: 1.5 Mbps, 3Mbps, 6Mbps


Working Hours On a 7-Hour-A-Day, 5-Day-A-Week Basis:

  • 30-second TV Commercial: 0.5 to 2 days (2 to 9 hours).

  • 30-minute Home Video: 1.5 to 15 weeks (82 to 525 hours).

  • 4-minute Movie Trailer: 2 days to 2 weeks (11 to 70 hours).

  • 4-minute MTV Video: 2 days to 2 weeks (11 to 70 hours).

  • 8-minute Education Video: 0.6 to 4 weeks (22 to 140 hours).

  • 60-minute TV Show: 5 to 30 weeks (165 to 1050 hours).

  • 60-minute Feature Documentary Film: 5 to 30 weeks (165 to 1050 hours).

  • 90-minute Feature Narrative Film: 7 to 45 weeks (248 to 1575 hours).


Footage Hour vs Working Hour(1:11-70):

It will take estimated 11-70 working hours for each one hour footage to cover the following activities:

  • Read/Write the storyboard and the script, and set up the theme and style: 1 to 5.

  • Shoot, view and log the footage and shot list: 1 to 6 (1-hour footage takes 1-6 hours to review and log).

  • Import/convert the shots and takes: 1 to 1.

  • Trim/cut the unwanted: 1 to 5.

  • Timeline the clips: 1 to 10.

  • Make the transitions: 1 to 5.

  • Make/coordinate the effects: 1 to 5.

  • Make the correction: 1 to 20.

  • Build/design the sounds: 1 to 8.

  • Build the captions, titles and credits: 1 to 5.

  • Render and produce the fine-cut video: 1 to 10.

Fine-Cut Minutes

Usable Minute vs Footage (1:3-15)

You can calculate your rough fine-cut minute ratio of video with the following criteria. Typically a 1-hour footage may produce a 4-minute fine-cut video or a 12-minute footage may produce a 4-minute basic-cut video.

Shooting Ratio(A comparison of footage shot to finished film): The can-be-used footage ranges from 1:5 on a typical home or low-budget video to 1:100 or more on a TV commercial or big-budget feature. It means if you shot 60 minutes, only 12-minute best shot probably can be used in your album video. The eliminated parts include those from composition issues (Headroom, Noseroom, Negative space, Point of focus, Distracting background elements), lighting problems(Lens flare, over-/under-exposure, Too light or dark, Blur or sharp contrast), Color balance as well as audio defection.

Heads and Tails(Extra footage at the beginning and end of a shot): It might take 1/10 of the footage.

The Customized Unwanted(The disliked parts): The favorite part to the total footage shot usually take 1:3. It means if you shot 60 minutes, only 20-minute part or less is your favorite.


We usually charge a video project at an hourly rate. You may prefer to bid for the job on the basis of a one-time project fee.                                             Total Cost: ________________

Note: The price listed above changes without notice.

Filming: On-Site(Single-Point)-$20/Shooting Minute In-house-$30/ Shooting Minute. Total: ___


Digital Converting: $10/Hour.    Total: ______


Editing: Basic Editing $100/Working Hour Fine Editing $200/Working Hour    Total: _______


Podcasting/Webcasting: $40/File    Total: ______


Website Development: $50/Page     Total: ______


Independent Website Setup: $50/Request         Total: ______


Video-Text Page Sitting: $50/Month         Total: _____

Acceptance, Quality Check and Privacy

If you send the footage to us, please make a backup at your side in case the shipping risk happens.

Drop off or mail or FTP the footage to us.

We inspect the quality of the media, recommend the fine product and sign the Project charter of Service for the schedule, cost and deliverables.

All the material is in privacy and in copyright of yours.


  • Mailing Option: Write down your expected shipping date, receiver and address. We mail it at you expense.

  • Pick Up Option: You can take the fine product in person with your order and ID, or have someone pick up for you with your authorization.

  • FTP Option: We issue a temporary FTP account with your ID. You login and download  the electronic files of the service. You can choose this option but take your own risk of hacking issues on the internet.

  • Mail option: We mail the product at your expense. The shipping fee is based on the rate of the countries, not included in it.

Materials After Service

  • "KEEP UNTIL I REQUIRE TO DELETE": If you choose this option, it means you agree us to keep your working material privately for a while until you request to delete it. It happens if you plan to redo the work or have us make more copies to your friends and family.

  • "DELETE INSTANTLY": If you choose this option, we assume you would like to have your working material erased instantly after the job is done, the fine product is received and your satisfaction is confirmed.

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